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"On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices, and Change is an inspiring memoir by Corbin Bosiljevac. This book opens with the author, after a few days in jail, being yelled at, mocked, and harassed while he’s mopping the floor. The son of a surgeon living in rural America, he had a privileged family life. In school, he excelled in sports and eventually graduated from university. Working as a salesman for a Fortune 1000 telecom company and with a girlfriend who cared for him, it seemed like a good life was in front of him. Over the next six years, however, he started to do drugs and drink alcohol. Also suffering from a mental illness, he ran a black market drug-dealing operation. This led to a six-year jail sentence and one man’s harrowing journey to redemption."

This book gives us a close look at the author’s journey from a life of wrong choices and crime to a spiritual awakening. Written in the first person narrative, he recounts his life experiences from his perspective, which comes out as genuine and authentic. Bosiljevac’s story is multifaceted and dynamic. He writes that it took him time away from society to appreciate and overcome his worries about the world. Filled with pain and the determination to redeem himself and follow the right path in life, this is an intimate memoir about growth toward self-awareness and the realization that the best way to live with fear is to face it. Highly recommended!

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Available now! An extraordinary story told by an ordinary man, this memoir focuses on not giving up no matter how far you have fallen. Mental health, addiction, and repeated bad choices are bolstered by redemption and a new beginning. 

With federal prison as the catalyst, Corbin's story is as entertaining as it is encouraging. Life lessons can come in all sizes and from all places. Our individual journeys do not necessarily unfold as we have planned, but it is our experiences that shape our time. These experiences during this time are his story.


Available now! Read Dr. Bosiljevac's riveting personal account during the coronavirus pandemic from the epicenter in NYC. This is part memoir and part health advice for anyone who wants to thrive in life going forward. Learn to relinquish anxiety about a changing world and take your health into your own hands.


 “It takes a unique lifestyle to value health and time over assets and income, but that is what I am offering. Instead of talking to you about investing money into your retirement account, I suggest you invest effort into your longevity. This is where I highlight the benefits of rejuvenation.”   


                           - Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac

"Finished it [On to the Next Thing] and applaud you for your vulnerability and authenticity. Sharing your experience and what you've overcome is truly inspiring. The power of the mind is a real thing, and you have a very strong one. Keep it up dude. Your story is incredible 🙌❤️"

Alicia Hill


"What a great time for this book to be released! With the increasing problem of mental health in our nation, it is refreshing to see people address it so candidly. The humility shown throughout this memoir makes the stories told that much more exciting and entertaining."


Barnes & Noble Reviews

“This book [On to the Next Thing] is a classic example for a lot of young men who made the wrong turn at some point in time within their lives and now wish to empower others well on your journey to recovery!”

Leonard Marshall,

NFL Super Bowl Champion

"Bosiljevac's story is multifaceted and dynamic. Highly recommended!"

Maria Victoria Beltran  Readers Favorite

"4 out of 5 Stars. 

Engrossing and earnest, On to the Next Thing is an insightful and positive journey through an empowering personal philosophy."

Brenna O'Hara

Reedsy Discovery

Don Parrett

Amazon Reviews


"This book tells the story of bad decisions followed by true redemption. All of us make mistakes, and Mr. Bosiljevac made many. What makes the author exceptional is how he worked to atone for his mistakes, and how he was able to rise above them and once again become a very important part of society. Well written and thoughtful, this is a must read for those who need a dose of inspiration in their life!"

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