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New beginnings aren't a right, they are earned.

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Blu Press Media is a personal growth company focused on furthering the understanding of mental, physical, and spiritual health. We publish books, blogs, podcasts, and help with events surrounding longevity, personal health, and mental health.


The genesis of this company is not for short-term gain or immediate prosperity, but for a life-long commitment to personal growth. Corbin has experienced the struggles of mental health pains first hand, and is ready to turn them into a success story. The books, blogs, interviews, and lessons are for others to learn from his mistakes.


After working in a successful corporate job for years and then turning to a black-market industry, his destiny was federal prison. Now that he has gone through the gauntlet, he inspires others to know what he learned. We focus on furthering the growth of mental, physical, and spiritual health, all while appreciating the power of the present moment in every day.    

Corbin is now three years removed from his stint behind bars and appreciating the beauty in so many things around the world. He attests that he'll never forget the greatest lesson ever learned. To find the next thing, and get on to it. Keep moving!

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