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That feeling of being part of something larger than yourself is what helps shape the identity of many Americans. Residents of Colorado are proud of their outdoor offerings. New Yorkers revel in what the shows on Broadway represent. Many people enjoy the feel of what a sports franchise represents for their city. The success of something tied to your hometown or region of the country is often shared by those who support it.

I say all of this because the guys at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City have started a movement that is catching on quickly. Not just locally, but national sports shows like Good Morning Football are all in on the #CreedIsGood affair.

We love our Chiefs in Kansas City. For years they have been one of the biggest rallying points for the citizens of our lovely town. With the burgeoning success in recent years, including Super Bowl appearances, the craze is only growing. The Chiefs rookie Center, Creed Humphrey, was drafted in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and he has looked like a man on a mission from the first snap of the season. Thus, there are thousands of people sharing their voice to get Humphrey voted Rookie of the Year.

The movement that Cody and Gold (from the 10am to 2pm slot on 610AM) have started to propell Creed Humphrey to earn the Rookie of the Year is only growing by the hour. They have celebreties such as Scott Stapp (lead singer of the rock band Creed) giving a shout out to the excited Chiefs fans. We, as Chiefs fans, have attached our worth, often times, to the success of our team that we love. So therefore, The success of Creed Humphrey is success for all of us Kansas Citians.

What is so cool is the video parody of the song "Higher" by Creed. Cody and Gold manufactured a video where Mitch Holthus provides the intro and Cody Tapp sings his version of "Higher." It is their proclamation for Creed Humphrey to be voted ROY. Take a look and support this movement. #CreedIsGood

The only other question that we can all pose to eachother is this: Can we vote Creed higher, to a place where linemen should be?

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