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In Chiefs Kingdom, We Are All Royalty

It sure is great to be living in Brett Veach Town! This is certainly a fun time to have pride in our city! From the social media interactions between those around the country to Musa Turkman (the wine man from Turkey) visiting KC and attending his first games, this has been a season to remember.

One of the greatest things about sports is that it brings together the collective consciousness of a group of people. The size and shape of the collective depends on the level of that particular sport. But, the joy is in the joining together of friends and strangers alike to support one singular goal - for your team to become victorious.

I spent this past week on the east coast. Since it was the week before the Super Bowl, I sported different Chiefs clothing each day during the week. As the days progressed, there were more and more people (all strangers) that I spotted also wearing KC gear. Whether it was a simple fist bump or a short conversation, each encounter was uplifting and made my work week festive.

In Detroit, I talked to a guy from Kansas City who was there wearing a hat with an arrowhead on it. He indicated he would sport it all week while he was in Detroit, even if it wasn't appropriate work attire. I love seeing that support in another city.

In Norfolk, I was having breakfast at a diner when a gentleman cloaked in a Mahomes jersey sat down at the table next to me. He is a retention manager for a manufacturing company and told me he was leading some manager trainings in a different Chiefs jersey every day that week. God bless that man.

In Virginia Beach I exited a restroom when two guys passed me exclaiming, "Fly Birds, Fly!" They had spotted my red Chiefs jacket and showed their dislike in my team. Either way, they were part of the hype during the build up to the big game.

These are just a few of the many chats with Chiefs AND Philadelphia fans who I met all week.

On my way back to KC on Friday, I had a layover in Atlanta, and boy was there a lot of Red Friday players everywhere! There were dozens of us in each terminal that I passed through who were not afraid to shout, "RED FRIDAY" as we spied each other.

The Chiefs winning the Super Bowl brings out the best in our city. I was proud to fly back home to KC with a week full of good feelings from all my Chiefs encounters. What a way to end the season, and what a way to start 2023!

Thank you to all the Chiefs fans out there across the nation and overseas. Thank you to a city who knows how to come together and enjoy itself. Thank you to an organization who has become larger than sports and uplifted our city for the foreseeable future.

It feels like this is now the Golden Age for those who love Kansas City.

See you all at the NFL Draft at Union Station in April!

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