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Is That So? Perhaps.

I read a book recently by Eckhart Tolle, a great writer on spiritual awakening, and remember a sentence that stuck with me. I papaphrase here, but it read something like this. Accept the present moment and find perfection . . . not in form and untouched by time. This has to do with our egoes, what we think is important in the world, but instead holds us back from achieving our destiny in life. He indicates here the only thing that matters is the present moment, so we should love and appreciate life minute by minute. This is how we humble our egoes and become one with our world.

The practice of being in the present is important in his teachings, as it is the basis for his personal philosophy. What I love about Mr. Tolle's mindset is that it transcends religions and focuses more on the energy of the universe.

Thinking about this right now, I struggle. The struggle is because I am waiting to board a flight to Florida to record an audio book. I just finished a radio interview a few hours back, and now this next step in my life, this audio book recording, might be a big event in my professional career. It's pretty hard to be present in this anxious moment when I am motivated by my current successes gaining momentum. When current events are propelling our lives forward, then how is it possible not to plan ahead for the exciting adventures to come?

An airport is the epitome of this conundrum. Waiting around with thousands of other souls all participating in the same thing. Current life, anticipating the next adventure. It may be departing on or returning from a vacation, business or personal travel, seeking out something in life that isn't quite settled, or simply getting on to the next stage in a busy schedule.

So how do I live in the present, keepng my life and current events at the forefront of my mind? A strange thing that I utter to myself (and I keep finding that it works) is the phrase, "I don't mind what happens to me."

This obviously sounds crazy upon first ingestion, but stick with me here. We care what happens to us, and the many others in life that we love. This phrase is something, though, that helps me not participate in human drama. In other words, my current life is in the hands of the universe. If I simply stay in the moment, and do what I am supposed to do right now, then life will unfold as it should. The universe has things under control.

Not worrying and clinging to the past. Not anticipating or striving for the future. Simply being now and knowing that your good life intentions will take care of themself. I have heard this practice to be called cosmocentric. Being in touch with what is important for universal evolution.

So what is the theme to be carried away today? Stay in the moment of your day. Remember to complete what you are doing before you move on to the next thing. Deep breaths of life.

These images included here are of the present. A gentle walk to the beach. A pumpkin in it's initial stage of growth. Lady Liberty standing sentry between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. Enjoy your day!

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