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KU's Championship Lesson: Art Imitating Life

When you see the team that you have adored all your life achieve greatness, a sense of pride sets in. The national championship that KU won this year was a win for all of us. They represent our appreciation for something larger than ourselves, being part of a collective consciousness of Jayhawk lovers. What a wonderful way to start the month of April!

As we heard the media cover the game, we noticed the theme of the event was the comeback that the Jayhawks put on to gain this impressive win. The largest comeback in the history of NCAA championship games.

Many fans were frustrated at halftime. Groups left in droves from the establishment in which I was watching the game at here in Kansas City. Some even counted them out. Me, I took my dog for a walk to ease the anxiety.

Well, the obvious lessen here is that we are never counted out just because we are down. Not just in sports, but in life. This game is simply another reminder to not quit before your goals are achieved.

Sitting at halftime and staring at the score on the TV screen got me reeling . . . how could this game at least be interesting in the second half?

I got nostalgic and began remembering events in my own life. Maybe to distract my mind from the current score, and possibly to try and bolster my attitude to be more positive. Either way, my mind ensued into wonder . . .

Then, I recalled recovering from some destructive times in my life. A decade ago when I lost everything and had to start from scratch. I remember I took a minimun wage job, saved enough money over the course of a year to rent an apartment, and earned my way back to become a productive member of society again. I was down, but not out. My comeback was historic (if only to me). I now use this resurgence to start a second run in my life, a second chance to continue to make a postive difference in the world.

Just like the Jayhawks did not give up and used a second half flurry of energy to come back and win the national championship, we too can always emerge to a greater place than we currently are. Sure, it was just a college backetball game. But, we can use ANYTHING in life as inspiration to continue and press forward.

Freedoms are earned, not given. Life achievements are attained, not handed out. Championships are won, not granted.

When KU won, it encouraged me again to keep racheting toward my aspirations. Never ceding to the obstacles that distract me.

What an incredible feeling to be part of Jayhawk nation and share the victory as a piece of our own lives. Also, what a comforting sense of strength having a game remind us that giving up is not an option. Continuing on is the only solution.

Thank you to the beautiful jewel of a school in Lawrence. Thank you to the team that again showed us all that art can be imitated in our own lives. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful acievement to share with like-minded fans.

Inspiration comes in all forms, and today it arrived from a college basketball court.

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