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Level Up!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I recently had lunch with an old buddy of mine during one of his visits back here to the midwest. His wife joined us that afternoon, and I have never met a couple more in touch with their own reality. She was pleasant and wonderful, while Spence was just as cool and calm as he was back in high school. It was the makings of a great mini-reunion and the food was fresh and healthy.

Something was different, though. An underlying theme that stood out and supported my own objectives in which I have been striving towards ever since my release from prison a few years back. Being locked up will certainly motivate you to make the most of the time we have on this rock we call home. That meal, on that afternoon, with those friends really solidified a critical question for me in my attempts to go forward in this world.

The two books I published in the past year each have the point of "survival" as the main goal in life. The first book "Survival on an Island" deals primarily with physical health. The immune system, body rejuviantion, cellular makeup, and clean, low-toxic living. It is written from my father's perspective during the 2020 pandemic from his NYC upper east side condo. Survival, in this sense, means getting the most out of life by being in the best physical shape possible. This helps us all endure whatever life throws our way, including viruses such as the one that shut down our country in 2020.

The second book is my memoir "On to the Next Thing" which deals more with mental survival. Choices, addiction, mental health issues, and difficult life changes all while striving for positive well-being. There are tasks and obstacles we all face to get through each day. When we are overwhelmed, life can feel daunting and enormous. Survival might be all we can ask for. But in the end, survival is just that - getting by at status quo.

So, when I was eating with my friends, we discussed the idea of leveling up. Always keeping life moving in an ascending direction. Surrounding yourself with people of the same mindset. Others who are interested in learning, empowering, teaching, and achieving together with one goal in mind. Bringing others up. Whether it be in a profession, school, business ventures, philanthropy, art, health, leisure, or adventure. To level up is to accept this into your own personal philosophy and to keep the best interests of others and yourself on the forefront of your mind.

Survival in all it's forms is important, if not essential. It keeps us in the proper lane to have the best chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Once you have your own survival on lock, then it's time to give others a boost. I check my traps every day to make sure my survival is intact. Then I look to see who is in my sphere that could use a boost or provide a boost for me. It's all about being there for each other. Leveling up to keep life riding high. I'm happy to survive, and even happier when I thrive.

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