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Perspective After a Month Away

Life is a winding road that is always changing. This is not a new concept to most people as we all have lived the experience of change within our own lives. But, being proactive instead of reactive is key to embracing the perspective of change during the story of our lives.

By purposely making several changes in my life during the month of January, I have embraced a newness that had all but been forgotten since around the time of March, 2020. The timing is not a coincidence. Yes, the world situation since this time has rutted my life several times, changed my ideals, and made me stand for something instead of falling for everything. Life became not what it had seemed, and I began to question my view of the world.

After the holiday season of busy travel and events, I took a step back and decided to consume the world a little more methodically. I stopped drinking alcohol and began drinking tumeric and mushroom tea for wellness. I ate less and began to be more mindful again of what I was eating each day. Social media was only checked for messages, which tallied about 30-45 seconds per day. I watched many master classes, read more, and focused on personal learning and coaching. My refrain from marketing my books provided a much needed respite. Finally, I focused more in-depth on my spirituality. Reading spiritual texts, meditating, doing light-energy focus, and simply appreciating the natural world around us.

I feel renewed, and certainly needed this reset to gain a fresh persepctive.

Here is my basic summary of what is my new abnormal:

So many things in life became disappointing once I realized much of it was theater, for show, bought with dough. It is for our entertainment. The news, sports, activities, jobs (to an extent), promotional events, and even movies are just one big advertisement. Love what you can control, and let go of all else. Your purpose is what you make of it, what you want to be . . . not what someone else proposes you should be. Not the media, government, employers, or friends.

King Solomon stated very clearly that, "Everything is meaningless . . .there is nothing new under the sun." His tone may seem negative or pessimistic here, especially when he exclaims, "What does man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?" But his point is taken correctly if we understand how it applies to our actions and thoughts in the present day.

His point is this. Everything we do is meaningless if we don't live for a purpose higher than ourselves. In Solomon's case, God was his greater purpose. Interesteing, this coming from a rich man with power and all the earthly things that we consider will make a person happy. But in the end, life without a connection to a higher purpose is meaninglsess.

Perspective after a month full of changes is just that, a fresh view of the world. I sometimes fear that I will fall back into old habits. But, I have a new motivation and from this I strive forward. Because the fear I have of regressing is trumped by my fear of not ascending and leveling up in every way that I can.

So, from this month of reflection I have inspiration. I am inspired that everything is truly meaningless, and it all has been done before. But with a higher purpose, no matter what I do, it has power.

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