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Rise Slay Eat

Once upon a time, learining seemed like a chore and homework only stood in the way of being able to go out and ride my bicycle like a bandit in my hometown neighborhood.

Today, I am always looking for information that will make my life more vivid. Learning is for my pace of life, not just a hurdle before fun begins. Continued personal growth is important to me and my feeling of worth on this planet. I continually strive to be part of the universal community and look for ways to be part of something larger than myself.

The cover got me to purchase this book, the content was a good refresher course on life, and the message left me wanting to share. I alraedy knew I would agree with most of what it offered, and knowing that Robert is an independent author and entrepreneur I wanted to support him.

The only reasons I didn't rate the book 5 stars is the length was shorter than expected and the info was somewhat slight for me. I tend to look for books with a little more detail. That being said, it is an EXCELLENT book for those who are beginning to recognize the efforts needed to make life more enjoyable. It is a great place to begin for life ascension whether it be for business, spirituality, health, family, or overall well-being.

I enjoyed the action items and personal affirmations offered at the end of each section. This gives structure and purpose to every piece of advice throughout the book.

Great read Robert, I will also suggest this to people who I work with that are looking to ease the mental health pressures of life. Thank you for writing!

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