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Shake IT Up

Have you ever felt like you are at a wall, trying to feel your way around it so you can continue forward? Not necessarily depressed or having troubles of major sorts, but struggling to keep that motor going in your purposeful direction. This means that it's time to shake it up!

When I was released from prison, there was a laundry list of new goals that I had set forth to get my life back on track. On the top of that list was to write an inspiring book and share my story, so others could relate to my tribulations and make better decisions in life. I wanted regular people to see another regular person have success, fail, make strange decisions, go through some rough years, and still recuperate to have a wonderful life, leveling up and bringing others up in their stead. This message needed to be known, so others could benefit from my shortcomings.

Well, after a few years of travel, doing work in the healthcare field, spreading the word on the reality of mental health issues, and promoting my book as an encouraging and entertaining tool, I feel like the plateau as arrived. A shake up is necessary.

Sometimes stories need to be amplified further. The details of an event that happened in a person's life can be inspiring to others and assist in creating a greater existence for individuals. This is why I am reaching out to new audiences by looking into producing a documentary/video.

After writing my book, I realized that doing things for the first time is daunting and cumbersome. Getting the book published was slow, and I felt like I wasn't doing very good through the process. Then recording my audio book was grueling. If not for working with a great producer (thank you DJ Affinity), I would have probably quit before we finished.

But nonetheless, I continue plodding along to keep myself moving forward.

This documentary thing is way out of my wheelhouse, but the only way to accomplish something new is one step at a time. Check out this teaser below. I hope you enjoy my next start of something new. I appreciate all and any guidance, feedback, or advice. Good, bad, or ugly.

My foremost goal has always been to get involved in as many new things as possible. Finding the end of life knowing I didn't miss out. This might be what got me in trouble in the first place, but it is certainly what helped me find my way back to thriving again.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this short clip below . . . and I hope this leads me to find my way around the wall. Now, on to the next thing . . .

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