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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Non-fiction lovers will be thrilled with these three encouraging reads. They each have their own take on the all-important and engrossing theme of SURVIVAL.

The first in this series is "Surviving Cancer," by Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac. This is the story of a patient with breast cancer who chose treatments using alternative methods over conventional medicine. This 3-part book starts by explaining why complementary medicine is on the rise in America. It then reveals the personal story of Donna in her own words, detailing her spiritual awakening and personal revival. Finally, a scientific analysis by the author is presented as a respected medical case study. An endearing, educational, and inspiring read!

Next is the encouraging and entertaining read "On to the Next Thing" by Corbin Bosiljevac. A true survival story of a man's struggles through addiction, mental health, and federal prison. This eye-popping memoir is not for the faint of heart as it has tales of crime, drugs, and illegal commerce. It also has stories of spiritual awakening and triumph. An exceptional read about not giving up on life, no matter how far you have fallen.

Finally, Dr. Bosiljevac's second book, "Survival on an Island," was released during the first year of the COVID pandemic in 2020. It is part personal journal and part health advice from a doctor who lived through the initial U.S. epicenter in New York City. Dr. Joe states, "It takes a unique lifestyle to value health and time over assets and income, but that is what I am offering. Instead of talking to you about investing money into your retirement account, I suggest you invest effort into your longevity."

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