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The Coming of the Age of Microgreens

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Get ready folks! This is the dawning of the age of microgreens! Some of you are ahead of the curve, and the majority of society is prepared and on alert for the wave!

Microgreens are the small, infant version of a plant before it grows up and attempts to bear fruit. They are edible, tasty, and super nutrient-packed. With the proper set up, they can be grown in a short amount of time, consumed immediately, and the health benefits can be life changing.

If recent history serves me correctly, the popularity of microgreens is about ready to burst. This is the hustle before the bustle, the calm before the storm, the drinks before the show. Since 2020, the mindset of the collective consciousness around me has been much more health oriented. But as Americans, we are always looking for shortcuts to better our well-being.

Well, microgreens have filled that void. There is no other food where in such small quantities a person can get so many all-natural, power-packed nutrients. The cherry on top is that they are super tasty as well! Small amounts of micros can be added to so many types of food, giving us life-force-energy minerals and vitamins that are missing in the majority of produce we ingest these days. So many foods and veggies at the store are a mere shell of what they used to provide us in taste and health.

It is no secret that fruits and veggies purchased at local farmers markets or grown in a personal garden taste so much better and are also healthier in nutrients and trace minerals.

The drawback that I hear at times is this: It can be a lot of work to grow food yourself while keeping up on your daily social and work life. The other thing that some people struggle with is to fit enough veggies into their regualr diet. It takes an effort every day.

There is a secret that solves this problem of fitting in the proper amount of nutrients into our regualr diet, and more people are becoming aware if it. Microgreens are so power-packed with nutrients that it only takes a small handful added to a meal to give you 40 times more nutrients than you can get from even organic kale or spinach.

Getting locally produced microgreens delivered twice a month and adding them to your food regularly can change the way you feel dramatically. Stomach issues can start to subside. Energy levels increase noticeably. Your immune system is bolstered, and the vitmain stores that are struggling in our day-to-day diets are filled to the brim! The thing that you will notice most, is that they add an incredibly fresh taste to the foods you eat. It has got to the point with me to where if I miss having micros for a few days, I get anxiety and quickly check to see how many days until my next harvest.

What's most incredible is the fluidity it has added to my daily routines. By that I mean my days run more smoothly, because I feel more alert, calm, and with an intuition that a healthy body delivers to the human experience. A welcome smile is felt within me as I go about my business in each and every interraction during my hourly endeavors.

Eating microgreens has been the best thing that I haved included in my routine in as long as I can remember. Seriously. Follow my journey on Facebook and become familar with the numerous recipes that include microgreens.

To thriving health and longevity!

Corbin Bosiljevac is a published author of the memoir "On to the Next Thing" where he reveals the secrets of how he got motivated to start his microgreen business from scratch. Contact him with questions about the microgreen phenomenom: or (816) 323.8501

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