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Think Differently

In months like October where we recognize Breast Cancer, our own mortality and purpose on this planet comes to the forefront of our psyche. We all know someone who has been affected by the problems cancer gives the human species. Love, support, memories of loved ones, encouragement to those who fight and struggle, and the acceptance of the outcome all penetrate our lives in different ways.

Our thoughts almost always come back to the basic instinct of wondering, "how can I best thrive in this world?"

My pops wrote a book several years back titled "Surviving Cancer" that detailed his use of alternative and natural therapies (not chemotherapy) for one of his patient's cancer treatment. I want to include some excerpts from the first section of his book to emphasize how thinking differently can help us thrive in life. He was, and still is, ahead of his time in how he perceives the potential of the human body. Read below how he humbly introduces real-world advice in how to keep your human machine running optimally.

"While in private practice I have listened to and observed many of my patients who found relief in complementary and alternative methods. I saw the tunnel vision of conventional medicine, which is well-versed to treat established disease and cover symptoms with medication and surgery. Over the course of my first career I became frustrated."

"Donna came to me as a patient with breast cancer in 1994. Textbooks would give her a very poor chance of survival within 5 years (less than10%). She became disillusioned with the treatment proposed by conventional medicine and elected to try alternative methods. She approached me to supervise."

"I had the the opportunity to participate in several medical missions in third world countries. This allowed me to witness lifestyle and health at other levels and in other environments. Despite the technology available to me in the U.S., I found that I could perform successful surgery with basic tools. Observing the lifestyles and natural foodstuffs in the "lesser" countries, I saw a good healing ability, tolerance for pain, and immunity that overshadows our own."

"I became impressed at how "the Guy upstairs" put us together and realized the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself if we do the proper groundwork. Basically, I look at the overall human organism as a human machine."

"Although I believe that there is a place for conventional surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, I also believe that the areas of detoxification and nutrition are relatively ignored. I believe that the practice of medicine today is about 20% science and 80% good judgement."

His book "Surviving Cancer" details the journey of a woman with Stage III breast cancer who chose treatment using complementary and alternative methods over conventional medical therapy. This journey began in 1994, decades ago when it was thought to be irresponsible to go against traditional medicine. At the time of the book's publication, the patient was 17 years post diagnosis with no evidence of tumor. In this endearing read, her personal story is presented in her own words. There is also a scientific analysis by the author, Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac, as a medical case study. The commentary about alternative methods and overall health was cutting edge at the time.

Dr. Bosiljevac is still at it today, helping people live longer, more acitve lives well into what people call retirement. Life doesn't have to slow down if there is still air in your lungs and a glimmer in your spirit. His advice is pertinent to our current world situation concerning his immune boosting therapies and longevity treatments.

For more information about this book contact or see the Amazon link for the book "Surviving Cancer" here.

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